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    he D-day is coming and that is the handover of your property.
    Preparation of the handover protocol, handover of keys and transcription of energy at suppliers is our standard. After the handover of the property, the after-sales real estate service comes next, which includes consultations on tax issues and possible filing of tax returns.

    For us, however, the end means the satisfaction of the owner and the buyer, so we are happy to help both parties with other actions related to real estate. Our work is a hobby for us, so do not hesitate to contact us. We're here for you!


    After a series of inspections, meetings and finding a suitable buyer, the real estate reservation comes from the person interested in the purchase. The real estate agency draws up a reservation contract. After a binding reservation of real estate, our long-term cooperating law firm will ensure:

    Purchase Contract
    Contracts on legal custody of funds
    Deposit of purchase contracts in the real estate cadastre


    Quality and professional photography is one of the basic pillars of a successful presentation of the sale of your property, when looking for real estate, photography is usually the first thing that will interest a potential buyer. That is why we place emphasis on professional photography and we cooperate exclusively with professional real estate photographers, who will also provide you with an interesting video report.


    The goal of Home Staging is to make the property appear as attractive as possible to as many potential buyers or renters as possible, and to sell or find tenants in the shortest possible time and at the highest possible price. We will prepare the property for photography with a professional and proven partner company providing this service.


    Professional presentation of the property is the key point of its successful sale, so we pay a lot of attention to the presentation. We advertise through available real estate servers, especially S-reality, Czech reality, Reality I-Dnes, Eurobydlení, Cink-Cink, Realitas, Reality-Mix and individual advertising campaigns. We provide outdoor campaigns through printed leaflets, hypercube, mobile board poster, billboards and tarpaulins. By default, we advertise via social networks Instagram and Facebook.


    We will take you through inspections with those interested in purchasing and evaluate serious applicants. At this time, we evaluate how the real estate market is performing. If the results are not optimal, we come up with new sales strategies. However, it always informs the owner about all steps. In the event that more interested parties show interest in the property, we will sell the property by auction. We set binding rules for the auction and you choose the buyer who offers the highest price. In this way, we will ensure that you sell your property for the highest bid.


    Initial personal inspection of the property is the basis for determining the real market sale price, we also provide analysis of prices in your location through price maps linked to the real estate cadastre and current information in the real estate market in the form of price map of offered properties, last but not least . Using this method, we determine the fair market price relatively accurately. A well-set price will not guarantee you a fast and trouble-free sale, but it will greatly contribute to it. In the event that we agree on the idea of the purchase price and all other circumstances of cooperation in the sale, we will conclude a binding contract on the mediation of the sale of real estate.