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Rychlé zpeněžení nemovitosti zvažují lidé v naprosto různých životních situacích. Dávno neplatí, že výkup za hotové vyhledávají jenom dlužníci. Čím dál častěji tuto službu využívají i úspěšní podnikatelé, kterým se vyplatí obětovat 10 –30% z tržní ceny nemovitosti, aby mohli peníze z prodeje okamžitě investovat. Tak se vyhnou bankám i realitním kancelářím.

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How buying a property works

In the normal sale of real estate for you, the real estate agency searches for a buyer through advertisements on real estate servers, then inspections take place, and finally you have to agree on the terms of the sale, sign a number of contracts and arrange a transfer in the cadastre. When you decide to buy, everything is different. You transfer the property directly into the ownership of the company that offers the purchases, and you will also receive money from it. This will save you time and worries.

Companies that offer redemption will later look for buyers via real estate servers. The moment they buy an apartment or house from you, they have no guarantees as to when and at what price they will be able to sell it later. Especially for houses and land, the sale can take years, in the meantime, for example, the price will fall… That is why any company must always take a certain percentage of the current market price when buying. This percentage should be commensurate with the level of risk. However, individual companies differ in how much they take down and what purchase price they offer you.

In our company Investpoint s.r.o. and in most cases you will receive up to almost 90% of the current market price. We also offer a purchase via the web portal, where you will find everything explained in detail. This is a relatively exceptional offer on the Czech real estate market, moreover, at a time when a gradual decline in real estate prices is expected during 2021–22.

How fast can the purchase of real estate be?

When buying a property, speed matters. ** At Investpoint, we can pay you the money within a few days of the day, if we manage all the necessary administration during that time **, especially the signing of the purchase contract and the submission of a proposal for a deposit in the cadastre. We buy your property directly, we are not just intermediaries, so an agreement is possible very quickly, if we agree on the purchase price and conditions.

Buying a property will also pay off for entrepreneurs

Real estate purchases therefore offer fast real estate realization, where a certain percentage of the market price is paid for time and risk. For a long time now, it has not been an offer only for the indebted. Fast real estate realization is needed by many entrepreneurs who start new projects and need to invest money from sales quickly When you have business partners or new orders, you can not afford to take risks and wait to see if the property will be sold in three months, half a year or year. You need to invest in your business plan immediately. As soon as a company appears that offers you up to 90% of the market price, the redemption will suddenly pay off.

In the Czech Republic, it is still standard to offer 60–70% of the market price for purchase, which will only pay off for those who are really in crisis. However, once we get up to 90% of the offer, it's a completely different story. A loss of 10–20% of the market price is usually negligible compared to the loss that would be to postpone a business plan for half a year or more. It is often a cheaper option than a bank loan, where you can repay even more on interest. Loans can also be a problem if you already have an entry in the debtors' register, or other loans where you have repayments, etc. In addition, you would pay about 4–6% of the market price in the same way as a commission to a real estate agency.